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A Iogurteria Nestlé

A Iogurteria Nestlé

Shaping the future of yogurt in Brazil


A Iogurteria Nestlé is a new brand that aims to unlock the potential of yogurt in Brazil and create tasteful and diverse experiences through a multi-dimensional brand platform.


In Brazil, until the economic reform of 1994 - "Plano Real" - yogurt was not accessible to most Brazilians as it was an expensive product. After the reform, yoghurt became more accessible, and the category went through major growth. However, the yogurt category in Brazil was built over the concept of indulgence.

Major corporations reinforced this concept in advertising and product communication. Therefore, yogurt was placed as an alternative accessible and tasty dessert.

FutureBrand was challenged to develop a brand that met Nestlé’s expectations to unlock the real potential of yogurt and show every Brazilian that yogurt is a nutritious product, perfect for different occasions, tastes and possibilities.


Based on five brand experience pillars – nutrition, diversity, discovery, inclusion and dialogue – FutureBrand enhanced the brand positioning and developed a visual identity that embraced all five pillars. The visual identity was built considering a deep dive on the global yogurt category and consumer's expectations towards a nutritive, diverse and inclusive brand.

FutureBrand developed the concept of A Iogurteria Nestlé retail stores, to be implemented after the pandemic fades away. And last, but not least, FutureBrand created a ’sustainable version’ of the brand visual identity.


“With the ambition of changing the approach of Brazilians within the yogurt category, we created the project A Iogurteria Nestlé, a brand that has the mission of exploring in a playful, intimate and diverse way the world of yogurts. The FutureBrand team was fundamental for the creation of this brand; with sensitivity, business vision and global repertoire, they represented a distinguished partner to a project that is extremely important and strategic for the future of the category in Brazil.”

Gabriela Guerreiro, Marketing Director - DPA.