Idesam - FutureBrand



To foster the sustainable use of the Amazon’s natural resources is what Idesam stands for. For over 15 years, the institute has created socio-environmental solutions to ensure the protection of the Amazon biome and the survival of farmers and riverside population - traditional and indigenous - who have built their livelihoods on the forest.


FutureBrand was challenged to represent an ecosystem concept, a group of living organisms, their habitat and the interaction between them. The ecosystem idea directly relates to the Amazon’s biome - where the institute is based - and at the same time translates Idesam’s mission: to grant the balance between the Amazon’s environment preservation and enable the continued socio-economic development of the people who live within the forest.


To create the solution, FutureBrand São Paulo divided the project in three main phases: immersion, strategy and creation. To immerse on Idesam’s context, interviews with directors and employees took place. On the strategy phase the brand DNA was born: people, nature and business are now part of their ecosystem. The ecosystem idea was visually transposed by the logo, with graphics that represents “people, nature and business” and with the introduction a tropical colour pallet to symbolise diversity.


Idesam’s new brand comes in a moment of great evolution of its business while translating the institute’s relevance on the Amazon’s socio-environmental development. Breaking the traditional codes and positioning of sustainable institutes, Idesam can now progress a step further on its journey and consolidate itself as a main player where the attention is focussed on the Amazon Rainforest.