Wizzee - FutureBrand


Fuelled by the Caribbean youth


As a global telecom provider operating in 31 markets in the Caribbean, Central America, and Asia Pacific, Digicel was facing increasing competition, especially in the French Caribbean and Guyana. With a clear objective to seduce a younger generation of consumers, Digicel launched a new brand with a specific positioning: Wizzee.


With three existing operators on the market and the announced arrival of three new “low cost” competitors; Digicel needed to anticipate and secure their business with a flexible, fully digital, affordable and peppy brand to connect with the younger generation.

Connecting the new generation is not only about providing them with a low-price network. It’s a deeper bond that Digicel needed to embrace with the creation of a new brand specifically designed and behaving as youngsters do. A generation that remains optimistic about their future despite difficulties, who are experience seekers that want to live their life to the fullest, and are more than willing to take matters into their own hands and do things the way they want to.


Driven by the Caribbean youth’s mindset and their desire for more flexibility, simplicity and freedom, we developed an optimistic, vibrant and ultra-expressive visual identity system contrasting and breaking the stereotypes of an ageing population of West Indies/Guyana as well as competitor brands.

Logo & naming: Looks the bright side of life, evokes the Caribbean vibes, and connections enabled thanks to Wizzee.

Colours: Blue and Red RVB references burst the screen and confer a differentiating, bright vibrant look & feel to the brand.

Illustrations: Take a large part of the overall system and epitomise the demonstrative, proud and loud flair of the young generation.

Typo: A brushed typography expressing Caribbean youth’s personal identity.


We unleashed the power & spirit of Caribbean youth and gave pride back to a generation and their vibrant spirit: Ici, on est Wizzee!