Hero - FutureBrand


A new brand system under a disciplined architecture


Hero has a 130 years history of delighting consumers by conserving the goodness of nature. However the brand, which operates seven product categories in more than 15 markets, partially lost consistency over time and markets.


FutureBrand was engaged to develop an impactful and differentiated Hero masterbrand reflecting a new, unified, global brand positioning.

With this objective, the agency rigorously evaluated the consumer insights and occasions that led to the creation of current portfolio, with the aim to articulate a strong future-focused design architecture for the Hero masterbrand.


Building on the existing brand’s visual equities, FutureBrand used the insights and semiotic analysis to develop the new masterbrand framework that encapsulates the brand’s positioning “conserving the goodness of nature.”

“The core creative idea “Freshly Picked” is inspired by the simple gesture of picking a fruit from a tree”

explains Marshall Ward, Senior Vice President Europe at FutureBrand.

“This perfectly expresses Hero’s expertise in understanding and knowing how to conserve the goodness of nature”.

The creative concept utilises a powerfully simple visual device of a leaf to hold the Hero logotype. The simplicity of the branches and leaves are powerful cues to nature and wholesomeness, expressing the right level of playfulness and expertise provided by the brand heritage.

FutureBrand also created a new, proprietary typeface, leveraging the “thick and thin” of the brand marque’s historical typography as inspiration, with the express intent of capitalising on the heritage of the brand logotype.


The consistent application of the brand logo builds a strong and dominant masterbrand, while the flexible treatment of the branch device, developed in different colours, allows the definition of a clear design architecture grouping key categories and product ranges, bringing to life the “Freshly Picked” creative idea to the full.