Helpcode - FutureBrand


Helpcode is acknowledged as the worldwide reputed Italian NGO actively involved in changing lives in deprived communities beginning with children.


The Italian NGO CCS decided to change its positioning and name to face the future with renewed energy and enthusiasm within a global scenario. FutureBrand has been entrusted with the task of clearly defining and expressing the new NGO's mission and the brand personality.


The NGO owns an important territory: “building bridges for children in their communities to advance their future” as the new brand name Helpcode clearly expresses, reinforced by the claim "The Right to be a child", a synthesis of the association ethical and social commitment. The new visual language reflects the design strategy with engaging signs, starting from the logo that reminds of a smile as well as of a bridge. The bridge is a clear reference to the connections built by Helpcode to help children reaching their future within their communities. Simple graphics, vibrant colors, honest message express the heart of this trustworthy NGO.


Recently, Helpcode visual identity has been applied on various communication tools, including gadgets and promotional materials. The new website will be launched shortly, enabling the formal launch of the new NGO.