Haisheng - FutureBrand


Seeding new sub-brands to grow fresh cues and consumer trust in China

Haisheng Group is a global fresh food brand, a leading global pioneer of modern agriculture based in Xi‘an, Shanxi Province, and focused on supplying the global fruit and vegetable industry for 20 years now.

In recent years, Haisheng Group has introduced some of the world’s most advanced fruit varieties to China, applying eugenics and pioneering technologies in everything from cultivation to intelligent storage and cold chain distribution to create the most delicious, healthiest and freshest fruit of all.

In a country like China where food safety is a growing concern and consequently source of origin is a key driver of consumer choice, the market for fresh and healthy food is becoming more competitive and branding more important – both online or in-store.

The Challenge

Haisheng has strong business marketing capabilities – so much so that it has become the largest supplier of concentrated fruit juice in the world – however, changing consumer needs meant that it needed to develop its consumer marketing capabilities to match, if it was to thrive in this changing market. The business had launched two sub-brands for their apples – PureTime and Eden View – but there was low awareness, vague brand perceptions and little emotional connection.

With FutureBrand’s strategic thinking and creative expertise, Haisheng Group needed to elevate these consumer-facing brands for its fresh produce in order to demonstrate to consumers the origin, safety and value of each sub-brand and ultimately drive choice.

The Solution

Through a rigorous process of consumer research, market analysis and brand strategy, we helped Haisheng Group establish the characteristics and advantages of their fresh produce to inform the evolution of these sub-brands and enhance their ability to command a premium.

Having developed a clear positioning for each sub-brand – relative to consumer needs and competitive dynamics – we explored the personality for each one as the platform for making a more emotional connection with consumers. Furthermore, we clarified the brand architecture to lead with the sub-brand and support it with the fruit varietal, stretched this strategy to apply to multiple categories of fresh produce, and then created the identity for each sub-brand to produce packaging with visual impact.

The Results

The distinctive elegance of PureTime and family feel of Eden View have now given these consumer-facing sub-brands a fresh vitality at every touchpoint, from farmgate to shopfloor, from packing to point of sale.