Grupo Jacto - FutureBrand

Grupo Jacto

Japanese tradition in a Brazilian brand

FutureBrand were tasked with creating a brand for the company group currently known as Máquinas Agrícolas Jacto S/A, as well as a brand architecture that would guide the relationship between the companies and the group.

The Challenge

FutureBrand created a new visual identity that carried the founder's history and that upheld his values; something that was perceived as ‘weakened’ by the business being split among different companies.

The Solution

Group Jacto's logo brings along its origin, its history, and its values. For over five centuries, the shamrock has been the symbol of Nishimura family, the business owner. With simplicity and beauty, it represents hope, trust and, above all, perseverance. The visual art was inspired by the Japanese technique of Kirigami.

For this project, FutureBrand created a unique typography named Uji Display, which will be used in all the new visual identity. We also developed an app for creating icons, illustrations, textures, info graphics, and several other unique visual elements for the group.

The Results

With the new identity, Jacto Group was united under the same brand and values. The brand's Japanese origin was celebrated with the new visual art and the software allowed the expansion of this aspect in a practical and intuitive way. In addition, the new typography brings a unique touch to the brand.