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Grupo AVAL

Grupo AVAL

Revitalizing one of the most important brands of Colombia

Grupo Aval was born in 1990 and since then it has become Colombia’s leading economic holding, controlling policies of companies in banking, telecommunications, infrastructure, real estate and energy.

The brand targeted only the investor audience and was recognized as a financial group because of the strength and its focus on its Banks: Banco de Bogotá, Banco de Occidente, Banco AV Villas, Banco Popular and BAC.


In 2010 business and brand strategy changed; it started working on its massive awareness by communicating more to regular Colombian consumers and by endorsing its banks’ communications. In addition, the holding decided to focus the business on technological products that offers innovative solutions to contribute to people’s wellbeing.

Grupo AVAL


  • Change Grupo Aval’s perception: go from a financial perceived group to an economic one.
  • Revitalize the brand strategy and its identity to avoid being perceived as a conservative, traditional and rigid brand.


FutureBrand renovated the brand of the most important holding company in Colombia during 2015 -2016 by defining: an endorsement system to strengthen the relationship between Grupo Aval and its companies in all sectors, a brand positioning that potentiate its pioneer and innovative spirit and by developing a new refreshed brand identity so that it would be perceived closer, younger, more human and authentic.

The new revitalized brand shows its authenticity, adaptation capacities and ingenuity through the creation of its logotype by transforming a unique vector in different positions to build the word AVAL.

Grupo AVAL


Grupo Aval’s awareness went from 85% (July-2014) to 98% (August-2016) not only because of the re-branding but because of the great work done by McCann in the advertising campaign.

After the launch of the new brand, Grupo Aval’s main indicators (TOM and Awareness) excelled Bancolombia’s (its main competitor).