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The George Washington University

The George Washington University

Uncovering a story of impact


Washington, DC is a hub for global influence, power and governance. But at its heart, this city and the democracy it serves are built on a foundation of promise, ambition and citizenship—ideals shared by its largest university, George Washington. Today, FutureBrand’s creative and strategic guidance are helping GW tell a story that connects it more meaningfully with a mission to make the world better.

The George Washington University


Distinguish and celebrate a university in the heart of Washington, DC. Over the past 20 years, GW has become one of the most prestigious and competitive schools in the country. During that time, however, its complete story hasn’t been told in a compelling way that demonstrates the full value of each of the university’s twelve colleges and schools—let alone GW as a whole.


More than just being close to centers of power, GW puts students and faculty in the heart of a place so critical to policy, law, health and the humanities. By giving them real-world opportunities for learning and growth, the university empowers its community members to make a difference in the world around them.

And with almost 2,400 international students from 130 countries and a
footprint in more than 80 percent of the world’s countries, GW is truly
connected to the global issues it hopes to impact.

Building upon the idea that GW lies at the catalytic intersection of global policy, practice and research, we developed a broad strategic positioning that would inform messaging from the university as well as its constituent colleges and schools. From there, we brought the positioning to life through a new identity and visual system that unifies and elevates the entire GW experience.

The George Washington University


“Our goal for this project is to produce a framework that will provide clear guidance on how the University’s creative assets should be used and best practiced in communicating about The George Washington University”

The George Washington University Vice President for External Relations, Lorraine Voles.