Galbusera - FutureBrand


Five generations of heritage


Galbusera is a leading company in the business of healthy baked products in Italy. Since 1938, five generations of the Galbusera family have been growing their business by devoting special care to the quality of their ingredients and processing techniques.



Galbusera wanted to reaffirm the high quality of its leavened products, a market segment where tradition plays a big role and where there is not much visual differentiation among the competitors’ offer.

The goal could be achieved by the creation of a distinctive brand for Galbusera leavened products.



FutureBrand has created the Alta Pasticceria logo by drawing inspiration from the traditional visual codes of the best Italian pastry shops. The design system of the Alta Pasticceria products is based upon one of the most recognizable brand visual elements – the stripes – that have been revised in a highly contemporary style.

The package is made of fine materials such as matt paper and satin to deliver the quality concept also under the sensorial point of view. FutureBrand has created a refined label that effectively tells how much care Galbusera puts in producing its desserts and their story.


Alta Pasticceria successfully mixes the Galbusera brand heritage with a bolder and more contemporary way of offering classical products that become a perfect present on every occasion.