Forever 21

Forever 21

Bringing social media into store

With the recent unveiling of Forever 21’s all new beauty brand, Riley Rose, FutureBrand UXUS provides a vision of the future of retail experience.

The Challenge

- Entice millennials back into store in a world where online only brands are leading the charge

- Redefine what personal means for this most demanding audience

- Go from concept to store opening in less than 6 months

The Solution

Our approach was to take millennial buying habits from URL to real life with an immersive, social-media-influenced store experience.

- Create the name: ‘Riley’ suggests power and strength, while ‘Rose’ cues notions of traditional beauty

- Create the space: Zoned spaces that brim with curated new brands and trends await to be discovered, tried and shared

- Create the products: Packaging design that balances tactility with premium codes and accessible prices

- Create the experience: Wholly interactive spaces, plenty of product trial opportunities, curated shareable moments, unique pop-ups and in-the-know staff on hand

The Reaction

“At Riley Rose, FutureBrand UXUS aims to bring the social media experience to bricks and mortar… beautifully crafted and sensitively arranged in typical FutureBrand UXUS fashion”.


"Aimed at an explorative customer who wants to discover innovative products and experiences, FutureBrand UXUS have created a playground for beauty enthusiasts with the Riley Rose stores"

A1 Retail Magazine

“The zoning transforms the vast spaces into digestible areas for browsing, chilling and trialing. The stores are a complete walk-through experience starting right from the enticing and playful façade”

Retail Focus