Florida Lottery

Florida Lottery

Celebrating Florida’s favorite way to play


Since its inception, the Lottery had represented joy and excitement—a chance to get away and relax. And while its familiar flamingo logo cued classic Florida calm, it lacked the more modern dimension associations users had with the brand and the state.


Revitalize a brand with broad recognition and a deep following. Facing growing competition from a new generation of entertainment options, the Lottery was at a crossroads.


Florida loves the Lottery, and the Lottery loves Florida. More than any other entertainment option, the Lottery embodies a set of distinctly Floridian qualities: vibrancy, diversity, energy and excitement. From its educational initiatives to its local pride, the organization represents the best of its home state, today. Backed by a deep history and supported by a sense of self no other group can replicate, the Lottery is Florida's way to play.

Florida Lottery


“Florida’s Way to Play” became the basis for a new story that celebrates the excitement and joy that comes with playing the Lottery, as well as the sense of optimism that the Lottery brings to players and communities alike. FutureBrand brought this strategic foundation to life with an evolved, more playful visual expression and logo.

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