FITNESS - FutureBrand


CPW’s biggest brand with a focus on targeting adult consumers


CPW’s brand FITNESS has been iconic since its creation in the 1990s.


Historically anchored in diet management, FITNESS wanted to break this perception and shift to a more relevant territory: becoming the advocate of being physically active, with the belief that we should never lose the enjoyment of getting and staying fit - because when we enjoy something, we stick with it.

FutureBrand partnered with CPW to make this new vision transpire into FITNESS’ visual identity system while also bringing to life the brand’s great story. The main objective was to emphasise FITNESS’ main strength: the balance of health and taste while increasing relevance among younger consumers.


To reflect consumers' evolving attitudes towards health and wellness, FITNESS' brand shifted its focus to iconising its emerging asset: the wave. This wave of goodness inspires the virtuous cycle of eating well and being physically active. The new design also highlights the enjoyment of being fit: the pleasure of participating in sport and eating well.

This global redesign started with the cereals' portfolio, followed by a global rollout across other categories (granola, bars, confectionery and other innovations). This iconisation was pushed even further by installing an ownable and iconic brand universe. With the help of our sister agency, McCann Paris, we were able to select imagery that capitalises on inclusivity and pleasurable moments in sport and food.

The modern, dynamic and colourful brand universe puts the wave at the centre of the system, always in interaction with other assets and therefore creating a stronger consistency throughout all applications.


A new, dynamic, and joyful FITNESS is now ready to shake up the category.

“We are very proud of FITNESS’ brand universe we developed in collaboration with the FutureBrand team. With this more breakthrough and contemporary design - highlighting the biggest strengths of our brand - we succeeded to modernise the brand throughout all our touch-points while generating great enthusiasm in our markets. We are now starting to see the first signs of positive impact on our brand perception.“ - Severine Dambrun, Global Associate Marketing Manager FITNESS.