EXKi - FutureBrand


Nature's Kitchen

At Exki, fast food is creatively prepared as a gourmet, healthy and simple treat. FutureBrand has teamed up with Exki for many years to celebrate mother nature’s goodness through their brand.

The Challenge

Having already established “Nature’s kitchen” as Exki’s brand signature, it was time to reinvent its visual territory along with the customer journey.

Exki partnered with FutureBrand to strengthen the brand identity and visual territory to reinforce their mission by integrating nutrition and well-being into a tangible ecological and social commitment.

The Solution

Natural cuisine offers the taste of delicious, surprising and fresh food at all time, every day and whatever the season.

We wanted Exki to feel like it’s for everyone - an attentive, curious brand that should inspire and engage people by sharing its own vision of cuisine. Upcycling practices inspired us to create lively patterns from raw ingredients that form around beautiful recipe iconography, linking nature to cuisine. This is complemented by an unexpected and witty tone of voice that celebrates nature poetically.

The Reaction

Brand perception of Exki has considerably increased and as a result, sits as one if the healthiest fast foods in category:

- Perception of the brand: Exki is considered as a reference in sustainable and healthy food for 53% of Parisians who know Exki and 64% of Exki's Paris customers.
Source: Exki

- In Belgium, as in France, the score obtained by Exki measuring the success of the brand on the drivers selected for fast, healthy and natural food was 100%. (vs 84% for "Cojean" or 75% for "Jour" in France). Source: Exki