Dow - FutureBrand


From chemical company to thought leader


From energy and infrastructure to agriculture and consumer goods, Dow’s scientific solutions and innate sense of wonder are behind the very best. More than just products in a catalogue of many, Dow innovations are central to our way of life.


Dow’s competitors had all undergone recent brand revitalization campaigns, leaving the global firm in a position of being perceived solely as a product-generating chemical company. But with unprecedented capabilities and unmatched reach, Dow was actually in a category all its own.

FutureBrand's challenge was to reinvigorate a key market player by telling bigger, bolder stories.


We drew attention back to Dow’s capabilities and passion under the banner cry, “Solutions for Human Progress.” United under this new mandate, Dow was able to offer a much broader point of view on its company, its capabilities, and most importantly of all, its role in the future.

Proving a single point of truth for all strategic brand guidance. The Dow Brand System eradicates the use of PDF Guidelines and stored brand content online, via an easy to use Content Management System, reducing time and cost when teams are searching for brand related content.



The system aligns to their 3-tier governance process through an online workflow tool and brand training is facilitated via interactive training modules allows the on-boarding process of new employees and agencies to be supported.