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DIRECTV Latin America

Entertainment at high emotional level

DIRECTV Latin America has a strong reputation made of values which no competitor can easily duplicate. These values are the result of DIRECTV Latin America's unique heritage and role on the market: the satellite TV thus the category owner.

The challenge

DIRECTV Latin America has proved its power by securing outstanding brand relevance and leading the industry in an era of changes. The time arrived for facing the challenge to take the brand to the next level. The company is constantly evolving and in this year has plenty of good news to share with its subscribers. We needed to find the way to show the brand’s evolution throughout its extensive ecosystem and across the whole region.

The solution

We teamed up with the client to build a strong and powerful regional brand strategy that inspired both verbal and visual solutions that reflects DIRECTV Latin America’s strength. As a result, we evolved the brand universe through a modern and emotional language set that could play at best level across all platforms and touchpoints.