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The ecosystem of media and entertainment


Though Deluxe had been a legendary provider of film coloring services to the entertainment industry for over 90 years, new acquisitions made the company an even bigger player in film pre and post-production services, from digital production to asset management.


Bring a legacy provider up to date, and show the world the impact of its new offerings.

A successful future meant introducing audiences to those new capabilities—as well as reconciling the strength of those acquisitions with the Deluxe brand.


It was time to bring Deluxe into the future—without losing the story of its amazing past. Deluxe needed to build on its historic strengths, while also leveraging the power of acquired assets. Through integration of the old and new, Deluxe was poised to make previously unimaginable opportunities real.

With a new brand platform, “Driving Next Generation Entertainment,” we elevated and amplified the Deluxe story to help customers, both current and potential, better understand its full range of portfolio offerings. The compelling strategy also reveals Deluxe in its newest incarnation: a company ready to achieve bigger visions, unlock more revenue and serve new sectors for all their clients.


We used this brand platform to fuel everything that came next to bring the new Deluxe to life—from a decision framework that streamlines the Deluxe portfolio, to a revitalized logo and visual system to reflect the company’s newly acquired digital prowess.