Continental - FutureBrand


Building a big, bold future for a newly independent brand


'Break free from the LaFarge brand without losing equity or alienating its customer base'.

The company had been in business for over 60 years. During this time, it developed strong relationships and brand recognition— both with retailers and consumers.


By marrying the company’s strong North American heritage with an independent, New World spirit, challenger mindset and DIY ability to consistently “get it done”, FutureBrand was able to position a new brand identity.

Pivoting off this idea, the intention combines the gravitas it needed to honor the company’s past while feeling fresh and different in a crowded, competitive marketplace.

Go big. And go bold.

FutureBrand designed a new story, name—Continental Building Products and identity that helped announce the company's autonomy with authority. The new name honors the company’s renewed focus on all of North America, and cues instant associations with strength, confidence and growth. The identity builds off of the American bison as a powerful national icon—one that would be instantly recognizable on-shelf.


In February 2014, Continental successfully raised over $165 million in its market debut. Employees and investors alike have been thrilled with the brand transformation. The company is well-positioned to benefit from a recovery in the U.S. housing markets as stabilizing mortgage rates and signs of an economic recovery spur demand for new residential and commercial construction.