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CHEERIOS - Protect the Bees

CHEERIOS - Protect the Bees

Real goodness at the breakfast table


FutureBrand developed a standout new addition to an iconic breakfast favourite, designed to help protect our pollinating partners, the world’s bees.


FutureBrand was tasked with developing a new brand proposition within the CHEERIOS®' portfolio that would showcase their commitment to sustainability – and at the same time help to deliver a fresh, compelling take on organic cereals.

This positive news had to showcase the brand’s commitment to sustainability in an engaging, differentiated brand expression that could live permanently within the CHEERIOS® family.

Added to this was the challenge to balance the organic credentials of the offer to help drive credibility of health, nature and taste with the ‘fun and enjoyment’ dimensions a family cereal typically delivers.


FutureBrand worked with CPW to develop a branded solution that would help protect and sustain bees, with a striking design to proudly sit amongst the world-famous CHEERIOS® line-up.

The striking design embraces a sustainable ethos, eschewing heavy inks and treated materials for minimal ink coverage and untreated substrates. While embracing the core equities of the brand, the design transforms these in an eco-friendly manner and showcases our bee benefactors by giving them centre stage.

To protect the bees, with the help of CHEERIOS® organic nesting aids for at least 150,000 wild bees are created by the initiative "Germany buzzes!" With every product sold 10 cents flows to the foundation, which takes care of the construction of so-called ‘bee hotels’.

CHEERIOS - Protect the Bees


CPW launched CHEERIOS®' ‘Protect The Bees' in May 2020.

“We are very proud and enthusiastic to spread positive vibes and clear engagements on the breakfast table. The result is embodied with CHEERIOS® Protect the bees. A truthful and feel good design.” - Doriane Naufle, Creative Director - FutureBrand Paris.