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Creating an industry champion

As the indisputable leader in promoting the highest standard of ethics, education and professional excellence in the investment field, CFA Institute needed to boldly reframe its position, and highlight its active role in restoring trust in financial markets around the world.

CFA Institute


The challenge was to evolve perceptions of a seemingly US-centric, single credentialing organization to help audiences understand the true breadth and depth of their global organization. CFA Institute was making an incredible impact on its members and had an undeniable influence on the investment field—yet was increasingly going unnoticed.


Using the newly-created brand positioning— shaping an investment industry that serves the greater good— as a starting point, we highlighted the connections that CFA Institute makes within its network. In an environment that demanded that markets be as efficient and ethical as possible, CFA needed to celebrate its role as facilitator and leader in helping economies to grow, the right way.


The dynamic visual system was created around 5 core components –logo, color palette, imagery, typography and bar motif. Repeated on both a vertical and horizontal axis, the bar graphic represents the financial world CFA Institute serves, and becomes a unifying feature for all branded communications. Moving brochures, stationery, advertisements and presentations from institutional to dynamic helps solidify CFA Institute’s new ability to stand out and be known.

The new brand comes to life in an environment that celebrates CFA Institute’s innovation, commitment and sense of global community.