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Carrefour Galleries

Carrefour Galleries

A new face for your big local market

Carrefour has always held a special place in the hearts of Brazilians. Its journey merges with the life stories of its customers on an emotional level. However, what we used to see on storefronts and on the buyer's journey were just remnants from a time when visual identification from afar was imperative and the access was primarily designed for cars.

The Challenge

FutureBrand's challenge was to create a new visual and environmental identity for stores in order to better serve customers, staff, and storekeepers.

The Solution

We raised the bar: moving from hypermarkets to modern commercial centers better prepared to meet customers new needs.

The new color palette emphasizes diversity and breaks away from the old 'green and blue' monopoly, bringing flexibility and highlighting the idea that this is “your” Carrefour.

The logos in each front are chosen after research with local customers and they represent history, culture, and characteristics of each site. The access roads were redesigned to accommodate and direct not only the vehicles, but also people. The internal communication and signage have been redesigned to match the exterior, showing thoughtful attention to details.

The Results

We brought the stores into the communities, and people into the stores. Renovating the galleries brought new values to Carrefour brand, such as a greater sense of modernity, local identification, and the enhancement of social interaction.

The new identity will be applied in more than 100 stores with support of the company global direction, creating a truly worldwide movement of renewal.

It is an extremely complex process, but with a very simple goal: to remember that no matter if you are a shopkeeper, a staff member or a consumer, you are always welcome to Carrefour.