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Capital One Spark

Capital One Spark

Rewarding experiences, built for business


Every so often, clients come to FutureBrand with a great idea in hand, seeking counsel on how to make it future-proof. We relish these opportunities, as we get to go beyond the typical client-agent relationship to become true partners in innovation. In one such instance, Capital One approached us with a truly innovative idea for small business credit solutions, but needed help fine-tuning and executing its vision.


Already with a distinct positioning statement in mind, the company wantedto create a brand that could leverage the Capital One name while also distancing itself from their consumer business known mostly for its irreverent advertising.

In the crowded, competitive small business solutions space, Capital One realized that few banks give small businesses the features, flexibility and respect shown to established corporations.

Capital One recognized that a new credit card with a “can-do” attitude and “roll-up-your-sleeves” personality would resonate with oft-overlooked entrepreneurs. They even had a positioning statement already developed:

“Rewarding Experiences, Built for Business”

FutureBrand helped bring the card to life.


We started by clearly defining card architecture. A customer-centric hierarchy for the new small business cards ensured ease of understanding of the range of services and features behind every available offering, as well as how they relate to one another and to the Capital One brand.

The resulting Spark cards were created hand-in-hand with Capital One’s internal creative team. With a cohesive name, visual identity and brand story that differentiate Spark from the many consumer products available, the cards define a new experience for small business owners. Spark changes their expectations of creditors and lends them confidence to invest in their futures.

Capital One Spark


Capital One’s Spark small business portfolio now includes six cards, each for a specific audience. With varying features and rewards, the Spark cards present small business owners with a vast array of options previously unavailable to them.

Response from small business owners has been extremely positive. Across the six cards, 85% of reviews on the company’s website recommend the products and 81% rate them at least four stars out of five.