Canali - FutureBrand


Refined Italian handmade craft and expertise


Canali has created men’s fashion collections since 1934. This worldwide known brand is especially appreciated for its luxury suits including the most refined Italian handmade art and expertise. The opening of new markets was the starting point for a rebranding program aimed at communicating the Canali brand unique features.


Canali’s approach rests on undisputed brand attributes such as ingenuity, high quality, attention for the details, a refined artisan’s ability and a natural instinct for beauty that is strongly connected to its Italian origins.

FutureBrand’s objective was to find a brand concept capable of proposing all these features and to develop a brand language that makes them visible to a global audience in search for luxury, elegance, refinement and made in Italy.


FutureBrand focused on the custom-made mindset that truly belongs to Canali as the starting point for the creative phase, summed up in the “Gestures of Style” brand concept.

A calligrapher and an illustrator were also involved in the restyling of the Canali logo composed of a monogram and a custom-made typeface that stand for the brand artisan expertise and natural elegance.

FutureBrand drew inspirations from the special yellow nuance of the Milanese architectures for Canali’s corporate color and created also a texture representing a needle stitching a precious fabric.


The luxury industry is the specific territory where a brand like Canali can express the value of its heritage, expertise and uniqueness at their best by using refined and bespoke communication tools just like the products they offer.

Canali’s new brand image sums up the contemporary elegance of the brand, satisfying the desire for excellence of its global clientele. Canali confirms itself as a brand for connoisseurs who know and appreciate the value of details and superior quality.