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Championing the Learning Revolution

An opportunity existed for the British Council to join and champion the Learning Revolution.

Allowing the British Council to expand its field of influence to become a world authority in children’s teaching. Elevating English from a outcome to the tool to enable children to make the most of their life by equipping them for future challenges and preparing them for their academic journey. Because there should be no compromise between holistic development of the child and good results at school.


British Council needed to create a brand for its new young learner programme, teaching English language skills to 6-12 year olds across the Asia region. Aside from a name and identity, the brand needed to create relevance with different cultures, differentiate and connect with young learners in a fun and engaging environment.


Insights identified that the future of education was changing from
the imparting fact to developing rounded individuals, with teaching needing to focus on how to apply knowledge and life or ‘soft’ skills such as creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.

Our idea centred on elevating the learning of English at the British Council as a key ingredient towards providing children with holistic development while answering the key tension in children’s life between play and progress: “I want to have fun when I am not at school but I also need Mum and Dad to be proud of me.”


"The success of the brand in Hong Kong has been so great that it contributed to the growth of our primary learners for the first time in over 10 years. A fantastic brand that the British Council team love working with and look forward to seeing it grow and grow.”

– Audrey Van Houten, Regional Head of Marketing at British Council