Bosch - FutureBrand


Invented for life

Bosch is an iconic global B2B2C brand that had recognised it’s diminishing relevance and differentiation in a world where the meaning of technology is understood by partners and consumers in a very different way to it was even 5 years ago.

The coming wave of IoT the reality of “connected devices” led to Bosch seeking a partner to help them evolve their brand identity in order to take their place in this emerging world.

The Challenge

Bosch needed to be understood as products, services, software and systems as opposed to just distributed product with great design and durability. They also needed brand assets that could make sense in a connected digital ecosystem as opposed to a legacy linear sales and distribution organisation

They had to redefine the meaning of their ‘Invented for Life’ claim and evolve their messaging and identity to make a direct emotional connection with their variety of audiences across both b2b and b2c channels and platforms.

The Solution

‘Invented for life’ is a claim that is integral to the Bosch brand. Not only is it locked up to their logo, but it also guides them as a brand in everything they do. Their values promote both human and technological attributes that directly supports ‘Invented for life’. It is this unique connection that that forms the basis for the visual identity we developed.

FutureBrand created a super graphic, inspired directly by Bosch’s brand values that is bold, bright, engaging and reflects connectivity and transformation.

We use this graphic throughout the identity as part of their logo lockup but also as an endlessly resourceful asset for the brand toolkit.

The brand identity is made up of a number of core elements, that when combined create a distinctive, consistent and memorable brand expression.

The Reaction

"With connected solutions, we want to help improve quality of life and conserve resources. Our new brand identity follows this example. Its design reflects the diversity and individuality of life and our products."

Dr. Volkmar Denner, Chairman of the Board of Management, Robert Bosch GmbH

"Together, full-screen background images, the supergraphic, and overlapping text boxes result in a lively, distinctive design."

Gregor Schilling, Head of Corporate Design, Bosch