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BNP Paribas

Placing BNP at the center of a "changing world"


BNP Paribas, Europe's second largest financial institution, was facing a turning point in its history. It's clients' need for trust and security has never been greater. The bank had to clearly support its customers and employees in today's changing world.


Faced with intense competition and a global environment characterized by growing distrust from customers towards financial institutions, BNP Paribas decided to focus on its major asset: its brand.

It represents its difference, contributes to the development of its businesses and reinforces the reasons why clients chose BNP Paribas. Therefore it is essential to guarantee the coherence of its brand all over the world.


FutureBrand designed a consistent communication system that strengthened brand identification by focusing on client needs, current and future, and innovation, through a three-step process :

1. Crystallizing the BNP Paribas brand platform.

2. Creating a verbal toolbox that ensures consistency and impact.

3. Developing a brand voice to embody the promise


Working alongside with BNP Paribas' advertising partner, FutureBrand's new graphic toolbox was deployed simultaneously on 4 major axes; Digital, Social Medias, Press and DOOH in order to create excitement around the new rebranding.

The new graphic system was displayed in 23 countries, 34 international airports and on more than 50 websites of reference, to address a more mobile audience therefore placing BNP at the center of a "changing world".