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Bistrot Duomo

Bistrot Duomo

Award-winning space in the centre of Milan


Autogrill is the leading global operator in food & beverage services for travellers. Around 90% of its food & drink business is managed under concessions signed with landlords, bartenders or operators of airports, motorways and railway stations around the world.


The task assigned to FutureBrand regarded the launch of a new retail concept at Milan Central Station, a new city market developed around Autogrill’s food philosophy: Italian food heritage and respect for the environment.


FutureBrand has developed the Bistrot Centrale brand identity and the in-store communication system reinterpreting the Italian food tradition visual elements in a contemporary and more international way.

The retail concept skillfully puts together offers, where design and communication creates a unique experience. The preparation process of the food transforms it into an engaging experience for the travellers while informing them about the products selected; from the best Italian food artisans and the sustainability philosophy of the Bistrot Centrale.

Bistrot Duomo


The concept offers a new food service in the travel channel through enhancement of local products and the rediscovery of the artisan’s work methods.

Designed to be a modern city market, the Bistrot Centrale is built with materials and construction technologies that respect the environment.

In 2013, the concept was awarded for the Best Railway F&B Offer at the FAB awards


Best Railway Station Food & Beverage Offer – Best Individual Station