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Libraries Without Borders

Shedding the light on Bibliothèques Sans Frontière’s actions


Libraries Without Borders (Bibliothèques Sans Frontière) is an International Non-Profit Organisation founded in 2007 which aims to strengthen the capacity of people in vulnerable situations by facilitating their access to education, culture and information. In more than 50 countries, BSF creates innovative cultural and educational spaces that allow people affected by crises and precariousness to learn, have fun, create links and build their future.


Much more than a collection of books, libraries are both places of personal development, spaces of creation and freedom. However, they are very often absent where people need them most. They provide free access to new educational and digital instruments, playing a fundamental role for equal rights: they are places of discovery, social diversity and cultural mixing.

A new era is dawning at Libraries Without Borders, the association is giving itself the means to further increase its impact in favour of access to culture and education with a renewed brand identity and the launch of its “Horizon 2030” plan. Anchored in 1 of the 3 pillars of the 2030 vision, the new identity aims to reaffirm the power of BSF's purpose "Power the pursuit of learning for all" at a crucial moment in history when the crisis has become the new normal.


Our solution was an evolution of the visual identity, through a strong and universal symbol that tells - in a direct and simple way - the brand strategy and the actions of BSF.

Through the new raison d'être, “Power the pursuit of learning for all”, BSF aims to become the emblematic player in access to knowledge throughout the world, both urgently and in the long-term. Thus, libraries are transformed from more than a physical place to become a committed, social and creative environment, teeming with life and tools. How can we highlight the uniqueness of BSF around tailor-made intercultural support and the intrinsic culture of innovation and inventiveness.

Faithful to the historical values ​​of commitment, optimism and innovation, the new brand identity re-anchors BSF in its time without betraying the authenticity of the brand and its actions. Modular and extremely flexible, it was designed to maximise brand deployment in the digital age.


A bold identity that breaks with the institutional character that dominates the landscape of non-profit organisations.

"FutureBrand has created remarkable work that helped us define a brand identity that truly represents who we are. The FutureBrand team has been thoroughly conscientious and has implicated all stakeholders of our non-profit. The new visual identity has been greatly supported by our teams." - Edouard Delbende, Communications Director - Bibliothèques Sans Frontières.