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Beck's Vier

Beck's Vier

Developing a new premium beer


Established beer brand Beck's wanted a new position in the market - innovating the experience of drinking Beck's for new moments.

Beck's Vier


ABInBev, the world's largest brewer by volume, came to FutureBrand with a simple challenge. To help them create new consumption moments for premium beers.

Beck's Vier


Our solution was Beck’s Vier – the first 4% premium positioned lager. Developing and utilising the insight that 'consumers want a premium beer experience with less alcohol for wind-down occasions', we worked with ABInBev, to develop the positioning, name, visual identity, primary packaging and beer dispense font for a new 4% variant of Beck’s.

The identity keeps true to the parent brand but also introduces lighter elements, like the silver metal effect background that points to the lower alcohol content and the easy-drinking nature of the product.

FutureBrand’s structural design team developed a new bar font that achieves maximum standout on the bar and instils all the values of the new brand. Here again, the brand draws its influence from precision-engineered metals but manages to still feel light and refreshing.

Beck's Vier


The structures are all designed to have clean, crisp lines that push the Germanic heritage of the brand. The designs of the font and the branded glass are both developed with innovative technical specifications to ensure the perfect premium drinking experience for consumers.

FutureBrand has also taken this premium drinking experience into the take-home environment, with designs for a 440ml can and multipacks that mirror the detailing achieved across the rest of the brand.

Within a year of launch, Beck’s Vier was bigger than Carlsberg Export, Grolsch, Heineken, San Miguel, Peroni & Amstel, with over 19,000 On Trade Stockists.