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Founded in Venice in 1295, Barovier & Toso is one of the oldest family companies of the world. Its expertise in the artisanal production of Venetian glass is unique, while its enchanting luxury lightings are acknowledged as true pieces of art and can be seen in the most beautiful mansions, hotels and stores around the world. Barovier & Toso palace in Venice contains its rarest collections and lets the visitors experience its century old history.


Barovier & Toso aimed at becoming the world’s luxury brand for the artistic glass lighting market, and therefore needed to refocus on what had made it so unique throughout the centuries. To do so, FutureBrand and Barovier & Toso embarked together on a strategic path to evolve the brand, leveraging on its true values and exceptional capabilities gained over more than 700 years.


FutureBrand has created a new strategic positioning for Barovier & Toso, building a fascinating story based on the concept of pure excellence to reinforce the bond with the brand high-end stakeholders - architects, journalists, designers, vendors - as well as its end users. The evolution process has brought Barovier & Toso from being a skilled glassmaker to becoming a global luxury brand based on its truly Venetian artistry and uniqueness.

FutureBrand has come up with the concept of “Enlightening Uniqueness” expressed by the new brand positioning, and further developed both in the brand manifesto and in the experience map.

The rebranding started with the creation of a new visual identity, based on visual codes dating back to the origins of Barovier & Toso and redesigned with a contemporary touch. FutureBrand also created a strong communication platform that leverages on the new brand concept, making it come alive in all touch-points and media to create a consistent and powerful narrative inspired by the new positioning.

The new set of communication tools and touch-points amplifies the customer journey experience throughout the entire process, from the first contact with the brand to the post sale experience.


The Barovier & Toso brand succeeded in evolving into a global luxury brand by synthesising its century old history and artisanal mastery and making its uniqueness evident and consistent through all the physical and digital touch-points of the brand, from its website to its showroom. A Venetian excellence capable of transforming light into art.