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Barilla Bio & Legumotti

Barilla Bio & Legumotti

Creating a new era for an Italian Icon

FutureBrand create the visual identity of Barilla’s two new pasta ranges, launched in Italy in summer 2017.

Barilla Bio & Legumotti

The challenge

“Our business model is focused on making of Barilla people’s most beloved brand, by promoting healthy and joyful food inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle.”

Guido Barilla, Chairman of the Barilla Group, recently said.

“To do this, we need to promote a new culture that can change the way we eat and live today, and we need to start from new products and processes that can safeguard our future”.

Creating a compelling visual identity the new two pasta ranges at Barilla required FutureBrand to match the company’s goals with the changing food trends towards health-conscious choices and bio-ethical products.

Barilla Bio & Legumotti

The solution

Both ranges, “Barilla Bio” and “Legumotti” are conceived for a target audience that is attentive to pleasure but also to eat balanced and simple food. This knowledge has inspired the two lines visual identity for a minimal and modern appeal.

“Barilla Bio, the organic line, has a global package and is therefore a worldwide icon for those who have chosen the organic philosophy; we drew inspiration from the idea of purity, because the raw material used for these products is totally natural and unprocessed. The purity concept is represented by an iconic key visual where the pasta comes out directly from an ear of wheat, thus suggesting that there has been no manipulation”.

Claudio Burchi, FutureBrand Milan Senior Account Director

Using the Design Thinking methodology, “Legumotti” are the result of a new process developed by Barilla. Their raw material – legumes - and the product versatility perfectly match the trends for gluten-free and naturally derived products. Their visuals propose recipes as a suggestion and creative stimulus in the kitchen. With "Legumotti", Barilla proposes a basic ingredient as a delightful ally of a lively but never punitive lifestyle.

Stefano Missoli, Design Director, explains the design process:

“For Barilla Bio we have chosen a lighter blue than the iconic one of Barilla to make the package look more natural; the irregular font of ‘Bio’ stands for the absolute genuineness endorsed by the Barilla logo”.

Barilla Bio & Legumotti

The results

The ranges launched to great interest and success will expand in the last half of 2017.

“We are particularly proud of the work done for Barilla’s two new pasta ranges because they really meet and somehow anticipate the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s consumers worldwide. Health and wellbeing can go along well with taste a pleasure, and individual creativity can do the rest” Claudio Burchi says.