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Banco24Horas is part of the life and routine of many Brazilians across the country. Now, the brand has several other attributes that help it to stand out and be recognised by consumers. Banco24Horas and FutureBrand have joined forces to bring an accurate look at innovation and the future.


To position itself as a brand that is interested in innovation and technology, the challenge faced by Banco24Horas was to be perceived not only as an ATM but also as a company that understands the importance of money far beyond the banknote. Therefore, it was necessary to understand the latest movements in the financial world and identify trends and opportunities to get even closer to Brazilians, making it possible to spot their current values, different needs, and profiles. All of this was essential to help build a brand that ensured more autonomy for Brazilians to make their financial decisions, in addition to continuing to contribute to the country’s economy as a whole.


To achieve these goals, FutureBrand developed a complete brand platform with the central idea to show that Banco24Horas goes far beyond the machine. Thereby, we inspire interactions, experiences, and the creation of new services with a well-defined direction.

The manifesto, personality, tone of voice and tagline were designed to reflect the Brazilian way—warm, laid back, welcoming and connected. Thus, we can speak heart to heart and elevate across the digital ecosystem with the urgency that's needed.

The photographic style chosen - and the illustrations and icons crafted - portray the daily life and charisma of Brazilian people, showing how Banco24Horas is an integral part of it.

Everything was conceived to modernise the brand—including the refinements made to the logo and the typography created—and make it truly perceived as a company that thinks, breathes, and applies innovation.


Going beyond the machine has already impacted the way of thinking and acting at Banco24Horas with their new products and services. The ATM, for instance, now has new features to suit the current needs of Brazilians, leaving behind the perception that the teller machines are just for withdrawing money.

The intention of becoming more and more part of people’s daily lives has turned into reality through concrete actions and more personal and accessible language (verbal and visual).

Being side by side with a pioneering brand like Banco24Horas since its foundation, its first logo, and now being part of its entire evolution process is very gratifying for FutureBrand.