Arena - FutureBrand


Inspiring the world's athletes


Arena, a leading swimwear company, sought to redefine its brand identity, leveraging on the concept of 'Water Instinct'.

The first step of the program was the creation of a video manifesto to be launched at FINA World Swim Championships in Kazan in the summer of 2015.


Make people truly experience the 'Water Instinct' concept by sensing the passion and dedication everybody at Arena put in their daily work. Let people feel the deep commitment of the brand towards its champions, the way they work together to achieve the greatest results in every discipline.

Last but not least, show the passion for water that people share at any level, from big champions to children. Arena is the brand that goes along with people when they are in the water, supporting them in reaching their goals.


The South African Olympic and World champion Chad Le Clos and the Lithuanian athlete Rūta Meilutytė are the protagonists of the Arena brand manifesto video produced by Federico Brugia of Filmmaster Productions in collaboration with FutureBrand. The video wants to inspire every person who feels a natural instinct for water, showing powerful images of professional and non professional swimmers of all ages while they experience the entire range of sensations connected with the water: freedom, commitment, passion, challenge, silence, power.

Water is presented as a playground or a battlefield where to express one’s best capabilities.


The 'Water Instinct' concept has proved to be as powerful as the Arena brand DNA and to be fit not only to guide the realization of the brand manifesto video but also to lead the global Arena rebranding program that FutureBrand is carrying out and that will be completed for the Rio Olympic Games in August 2016.

The brand manifesto has inspired thousand of athletes and amateurs around the world, giving voice to their passion and making Arena’s commitment in being the swimwear brand that supports their dreams with the best products and technology available.