Aramis - FutureBrand


Express your potential


Aramis is a Brazilian brand founded in 1995. In recent years Aramis has become one of the leading fashion brands in the country.


Aramis has grown at a fast pace in recent years, and its rush has made its branding and communication work outdated. FutureBrand was tasked with the challenge to bring a younger and more technological and sustainable face to the brand, attracting a modern and connected consumer while building a unique value proposition.


Fashion is constantly changing, so FutureBrand developed a versatile and consistent visual identity for Aramis. We defined the brand idea as "express your potential", demonstrating that the brand wanted to boost its customers' achievements and open a world of possibilities.

Alongside developing Aramis' new website, FutureBrand worked alongside the new ambassadors and influencers and became the creative agency for their campaigns, bringing a modern and dynamic approach to the brand.


“FutureBrand São Paulo was crucial in the evolution of Aramis' brand positioning, assertively translating our essence: casual, technological and sophisticated fashion. A lasting partnership that will undoubtedly prepare Aramis' brand for the future.”

Richard Stad, Aramis CEO