AirTrunk - FutureBrand


Branding the data centers fuelling tomorrow’s world

AirTrunk is an Asia-Pacific start-up founded to build the data centres that support the growth of today’s most influential companies.

The Challenge

AirTrunk aims to reimagine data centres from the ground up, from cooling mechanisms to the business model itself, to suit the needs of customers whose businesses are not just data-driven, but data-hungry – needing to grow their capacity exponentially to process data year by year. To do this, AirTrunk build hyperscale data centres that meet the unique needs of each client, scale responsively and operate more efficiently and reliably – the new standard for today’s tech companies.

AirTrunk has attracted the interest of the tech community the world over. As they neared the completion of the construction of data centres in Sydney and Melbourne, AirTrunk needed a brand to help them enter a new phase of expansion and open the doors to the rest of the Asia-Pacific.

AirTrunk’s brand had to establish clarity and create excitement, but also unlock growth.

The Solution

By working collaboratively with the AirTrunk executive team, we harnessed their expertise to understand data centres’ technical attributes and what they mean to the companies relying on them. In doing so, we unearthed the insight that inside the four walls of a data centre, its racks, cooling systems and electricity mechanisms are effectively fuelling the products and services of tomorrow.

We visualised the brand idea through a multi-faceted visual identity that tells the story of data: basic shapes in monochrome, representative of binary code, that coalesce and morph in a 3-D space, the data centre.

The brand’s tone of voice provides a simple system to convey product benefits and data centre specifications in simple terms.

The Results

The new brand launched to announce the opening of AirTrunk’s Sydney data centre, and it will rollout progressively as AirTrunk builds scale around the Asia-Pacific region.

“Our new brand identity came at just the right time as we prepared to launch our flagship data centres in Sydney and Melbourne. The team at FutureBrand got straight to the heart of our business and went above and beyond to demonstrate a thorough understanding of what AirTrunk is looking to achieve as both a business and brand. The process was collaborative, and fast and we’re very pleased with the result. The first execution of the brand is our new website”

Lise Kay, Chief Marketing Officer