Aflac - FutureBrand


Defining an industry leader


Aflac is the world’s largest provider of supplemental insurance, internationally recognized for its executive leadership and high ethical standards. But a majority of its brand equity in the US was coming from an advertising meme—the Ad Duck.


How could this beloved mascot be leveraged to bring clarity and purpose to an industry leader?

A comprehensive brand audit identified a new creative and strategic territory. This foundation informed the exploration for further strategy and design work. As an insurance provider, Aflac had to convey that it isn’t just a company with some irreverent ads. It provides cash quickly when customers need it most, offering the control they need to focus on what is really important— healing and returning to their everyday personal and professional lives.


FutureBrand developed brand attributes and imagery that convey the company’s new messaging. We updated the Ad Duck, making it relatable, clever and proactive. Then, we created a new brandmark that incorporates the duck, while also conveying the energy, immediacy and security that Aflac offers its customers day in and day out.

After developing brand guidelines to support the new identity, we prepared for a full-scale rollout. This included creating collateral and organizing major launch events to rally internal and external stakeholders around the brand.


Today, the Aflac duck is among the most recognizable brand icons in the world, commemorated by Ad Week’s “Madison Avenue Walk of Fame”. The company continues to experience impressive worldwide growth.

And the duck remains at the heart of the brand.