Radiating Power


Launched in 1987, ACTIVIA is the biggest health brand in the Danone portfolio.
It fully embraces the group’s core purpose: bringing health through food to as many people as possible. Recently the brand has undergone a complete repositioning that brought to life a strong ambition: accompanying every woman in revealing her inner potential by getting in-sync with her core. The challenge was therefore to leverage the new ACTIVIA brand positioning and create a strategically based and globally unified visual identity system in order to align brand codes with this new ambition.


We revisited the entire ACTIVIA ecosystem including a refreshed brand mark, a revised tone of their proprietary green color and new packaging structure and photographic style. The design visually recounts a story at the heart of the new ACTIVIA positioning: the synthesis of science and nature, mind and core, health and pleasure. One of the key elements we created is the new brand icon: a symbol of synergy and balance, key drivers of the new brand storyline. The icon serves as the keystone to the packaging design, creating the new structure for the entire range. All visual elements unite at the epicenter in the form of an upward radiant beam of light emanating from within, a beacon of assurance reflecting the brand’s expertise and promise


The new design and visual identity introduces a new era for the ACTIVIA brand reinforcing its on-shelf impact, its differentiation and enhancing navigation for consumers with a clear brand architecture that leaves no doubt as to the role and specificity of each product range. The new ACTIVIA VIS has been tested in all the key markets (US, UK, FR, SP, GE, BR, RU) and approved by more than 15.000 consumers.
This global relaunch was implemented starting from September 2016 in more than 70 countries.