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151 Property

151 Property

Creating a new property brand for a new private equity owner

Following the acquisition of Valad Property Group by Blackstone, a private equity firm, the business needed to rebrand and the management team appointed FutureBrand to refresh the experience and expression of their brand.

The Challenge

As we embarked on our audit and analysis of the current brand, we discovered that the strategic intent of Valad Property Group was relatively well defined but it was not necessarily connected to the experience of the brand – as things stood, there was a clear disconnect, one that diluted its intent and impact. Having identified the challenge, we defined the resulting strategic shifts as the platform for creating the new brand and ultimately a more insightful expression of the brand’s identity.

The Solution

With an eye for quality and attention to detail, the brand’s new name highlights the team’s mastery of the craft of positioning to change perceptions of property in revealing and ground-breaking ways.

The newly-acquired company purchased its first property at 151 Castlereagh Street in Sydney. It is a building that epitomises the guiding philosophy and operational methodology that enables the company to tailor bespoke strategies for unloved commercial property assets and to reveal unique perspectives that lead to revealing undiscovered value.

151 Property is a brand with an eye always to quality and to the human details that create true value – and whose quiet confidence belies the mastery of their craft, a unique marriage of strategy and sensibility. In a market of commodity real-estate, the brand sees potential where others don't, and so too the brand mark itself reveals something unique in the way in which it is crafted to be a hallmark for all the brand’s endeavours, past, present and future.

The Results

The new 151 Property brand captures the strategic intent at the heart of the business, a perfect balance of the emotional and rational in its storytelling qualities.