FutureBrand Milan release the Future of the Body report

08 November, 2022 Share socially

The Future of the Body report, carried out by the Milan office of the FutureBrand network, unpacks the implications for brands navigating this new territory, taking into account expertise across the fields of marketing, business, philosophy and medicine.

The result is five key macro-trends that we believe businesses in the space should keep in mind. Throughout the report, there are examples of brands, both big and small, who we think are capable of becoming pioneers in this space.

We are particularly proud to release our report this year. Treating such a sensitive topic as the future of the body, we are aware of the responsibility we - as brand consultants - have towards our clients when shaping the strategy for their brands. In doing so, we make our part in the evolution process that will lead us all towards a future where inclusivity and equality are a reality. Brands need to do their part, and some already are. We hope that the insights provided by our report serve as a guide to making their brands future-proof.
Alessandra Iovinella
Managing Director - FutureBrand Milan

The research has drawn on the valuable insights of several international experts, managers, scholars and creatives who helped us explore the macro trends in more detail.

Read the full report here: Italian | English

Our thanks go to Frida Affer, WOVO; Maurizio Bossi, Artsana; Gaetano Colabucci, GiulianiPharma; Fabrizio Conicella, Life Science District; Laura Deni, Essity; Gonzalo Garate, Biomade; Kimberly Grabel, Chico’s FAS; Michela Marabini, Essity; Marta Massari, Control; Anthony Mathé, Semiologist & Brand Consultant; Michal Popov, McCann; Fabio Rinaldi, Scientific Director of HMAP; Tang Dekai, Mindfront; Eldar Yusupov, McCann.