FutureBrand Paris to host 'Future of Beauty' event

10 January, 2020 Share socially

From the self-portraiture pioneered by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans and made popular during the Renaissance period to the present culture of selfies, arguably the defining visual genre of our confessional age - looks and external beauty have long been considered of paramount importance.

However society is changing and traditional beauty norms are being questioned like never before. Increasingly we are seeking a richer, more fulfilling and healthier life and, for the first time, beauty and the industry around it is becoming more than just skin deep. It is developing a soul.

Food supplements; holistic, simpler rituals; personalisation and data ... brands are already investing heavily in this 'invisible' beauty to meet consumers changing needs and demands.

Join l’ADN and FutureBrand to learn about the key trends and new brand concepts changing the industry and what the future holds for the beauty industry at our Future of Beauty event in Paris on 16 January or download our report today. For any questions about the event get in touch with our Paris team.