Which country brands are rising and falling?

02 July, 2019 Share socially

The UK has fallen 7 places in this year's FutureBrand Country Index, whilst Japan and Scandinavia dominate the leaderboard again, but what are the dimensions that contribute to the relative success of country brands?

The UK is amongst the most advanced, democratic, and diverse countries in the world. But when it comes to brand strength and attractiveness to visitors and investors alike, its popularity continues to take a nosedive.

Since our last report, the UK has fallen to 19th position, scraping into the top 20. During the same period, it has suffered pretty much across the board, with only slight increases in a handful of categories, and an abysmal rating for Value for Money. Are politics alone to blame for these lacklustre figures?

In 2019, individuals and companies are more likely to buy products and services from countries on their list of preferred places to visit or invest in, which #1 ranked Japan proudly benefits from.

Yes, countries like the US and the UK boast globally recognized brands such as Alphabet Inc. and Vodafone respectively, but there is more to it than that. With the uncertainty over Brexit and the ongoing international trade issues between the US and China, both countries need to reclaim lost ground in order to experience benefits from positive country brand perception.

In an interview on Sky News 'Ian King Live' programme James Withey, London Head of Strategy, discusses this and more, watch it in full here:

Which country brands are rising and falling?

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