Visit Jersey proves the effectiveness of destination branding

28 August, 2019 Share socially

In 2016 we were briefed by Visit Jersey to develop a brand capable of challenging residual perceptions of Jersey as an out-of-date destination that lacks relevance for today’s travellers. The goal was to reposition it in the minds of current and potential visitors as a fresh and vital escape, and to help reignite pride, passion and, above all, growth for Jersey’s tourism and hospitality industries.

“This was a unique moment in time for Jersey,” said Nick Sykes, Global CEO “Alongside Visit Jersey, we had the chance to tell the story of the real Jersey afresh, and give people the chance to rediscover this increasingly hidden gem of a island. It all added up to an opportunity to do something quite special.”

At its core, this was a project to identify and amplify the vibrant, beating heart of Jersey and convey not just what it offers, but how it makes you feel.

“With FutureBrand’s help, we understood that Jersey is not for the old, but for anyone with a zest for life,” said Adam Caerlewy-Smith, former Head of Marketing at Visit Jersey. “And it’s a place that can’t be boiled down to a single experience – it’s not a city break, or a country break, or a beach break. In reality, Jersey is all these things and more. FutureBrand were able to help us see Jersey as ‘the island break’ where you’re free to come up for air, reconnect and revitalise – and that’s a story that we and everyone we’ve spoken to all find incredibly inspiring."

This strategy formed the basis of creative briefs, both for our design team, and also for Jersey agency The Observatory, who were tasked with using their deep local knowledge to create the content and digital applications for the brand, including the new website.

Visit Jersey proves the effectiveness of destination branding

The new visual identity takes as inspiration the iconic Jersey tides which have such a dramatic impact on island life, and are the source of so much of the quintessential Jersey experience.

"The fluidity and motion of the tides gave us our creative springboard, and we wanted to create a brand that embraced the Jersey personality – Fresh, Bold, Spirited and Fun,” said Adam Savage, the FutureBrand Design Director who led the Jersey design team. "We fell in love with the flowing curves of the hero mark, as well as its ability to really live in its environment – courtesy of the transparent gradient.”

This fluidity translates into a graphic system born out of the flow and movement within the new mark; supported by a modern, clean and confident typeface and hero photography that celebrates all that Jersey has to offer.

We are storytellers and we have now found our storyline. Having FutureBrand as our strategic partner throughout this process has been a fantastic experience. The narrative they developed captures the real heart of Jersey and communicates it in a way that anyone who has spent any time here will recognise with pride. We told FutureBrand at the start that this was a seriously tough challenge, but they have delivered in spades.
Keith Beecham
CEO Visit Jersey
Visit Jersey proves the effectiveness of destination branding

We are proud to have helped to futureproof Visit Jersey's brand delivering their vision of a vibrant, sustainable tourism industry in an innovative, economic and efficient way. Following the rebrand total visits to Jersey have increased year on year. 2018 saw the highest number of holidaymakers coming to Jersey since 2001, with 414,700 staying holiday visitors - up 3% over 2017, with 725,400 visits. 52% of holiday visitors were first-time visitors to Jersey in 2018 and £268m was spent by visitors, up 10% from 2017.

So, can we prove good destination branding works? Visit Jersey can!

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