The FutureBrand Country Index is out now

25 June, 2019 Share socially

Just like brands, the positive or negative perceptions of a country can influence peoples’ decisions in choosing how they interact with them: as places to visit, live in, do business with or invest in.

Now in its second decade, FutureBrand's Country Index ranks the World Bank Top 75 countries by GDP according to how they are perceived across a broad range of factors, from value system and quality of life to business potential, security and tourism.

Which countries are considered to have the best infrastructure and technology for business growth? Which nations are seen to be the safest, most tolerant or environmentally aware? The comprehensive findings provide invaluable insights into how to harness country brands for competitive advantage or which ‘country of origin’ associations corporate or consumer brands can leverage to trigger further business growth.

To celebrate the launch of the report we spoke to Conrad Bird CBE, Director of Campaigns & Marketing, Department for International Trade and Rowan Williams, Creative Lead at Panasonic about the trends that have emerged since our last report in 2014; the new measures of a great nation - Environmental Friendliness, Quality of Life and Tolerance; and how brands, such as Panasonic, can benefit from their country of origin or can contribute to elevate a country's brand among other things...

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