Shaping the future of Air Malta

21 August, 2019 Share socially

Air Malta is an airline that has in recent years defied expectations and turned its business around after a two decades of losses. As their brand partner we helped them redefine their strategy and creative offering, providing the platform that marked the start of their journey towards success.

Operating as a smaller airline in competition with over 40 airlines for the nation’s five million annual tourists, Air Malta knew it needed to adapt and change to survive. They needed to revolutionise and evolve the Air Malta brand strategy and creative experience in order to compete with existing and emerging competition, and create greater awareness, preference, desire and advocacy for the airline itself as the preferred carrier to Malta.

As a standard bearer, Air Malta had to represent the truly diverse and authentic experience of Malta and one that is both as multi-faceted and as colourful and exciting as the islands of the Maltese archipelago. Their brand needed to be anchored in the ‘truths’ of Malta and its unique history, geography and culture.

Drawing on the creative concept of ‘Maltese Fusion’, we created a new brand expression that is flexible yet consistent; that effectively captures all of the unique elements of the islands of Malta.

Shaping the future of Air Malta
The new Air Malta Brand is inspiring and represents the transformation and progressive nature of Malta as a nation. The work FutureBrand has done for Air Malta is a critical and valuable step forward towards the future success of this airline.
Peter Davies
Then CEO, Air Malta

Aligned to a business and operations model that is more efficient and commercially focused, the brand could now help position Air Malta as a leading air carrier to, through and from the Maltese Islands.

This new found brand confidence was the start of the journey for Air Malta, and has since provided the airline with a solid platform to pivot towards a new business model that positions them as part of a growing collaborative economy. Expanding into profitable new routes the airline recently announced its first profit in two decades and is on the path to sustainable financial results.

Shaping the future of Air Malta

With clever use of technology, Air Malta recently opened up its inventory systems with APIs in order to sell flight tickets through a wider partner network – shifting away from trying to own customers end-to-end and instead meeting customers where they are.

The fruits of their labour are now bearing success, with the state-owned airline turning a profit of €1.2m - its first in 18 years – whilst the number of passengers has risen by 11%.

When reimagining the Air Malta brand, we blended the old with the new, with a desire to create a genuine renaissance. We wanted to capture the kernel of Maltese identity, with a contemporary touch that blends effortlessly with Malta’s established cultural identity.
Phillip Saunders
Then CCO, Air Malta