No Guts, No Glory: Netflix paves a new path to Oscar wins

01 March, 2019 Share socially

Following Netflix’s Oscar success with Roma winning the Best Director, Best Foreign Language Film and Best Cinematography awards, their evolution from pure digital streaming provider to true content creator has been realized and they finally have the industry recognition they have been seeking.

Netflix has always gone against the grain of the entertainment industry, resisting broad theatrical releases by using their own platform to drive their cinematic content. They entered this year’s awards season with a shift in strategy - taking on the traditional Hollywood players by giving Roma a limited theatrical release. Now, as they’ve successfully steered the film to multiple Oscar wins, the company has provided the best indication yet that it can move the needle and transition from a disruptive force to mainstream powerhouse. With reports that Netflix is now considering buying cinemas, a brick and mortar expansion would swing the door wide open for them to continue their success as a viable way for filmmakers and stars who want Oscar-worthy work outside the constraints of traditional Hollywood studios.

Netflix made their debut in the 2018 FutureBrand Index at number 15 which highlights both consumer and investor affinity for the brand as it continues to disrupt the entertainment industry on both sides of the camera. Their top perception drivers reflect this with a good balance of both experience and purpose measures that include: having a great story, an engaging personality, a clear sense of the future and innovative products that are useful. Indeed 41% of people report that they would buy products and services from Netflix (8% higher than the media & entertainment sector average).

No Guts, No Glory: Netflix paves a new path to Oscar wins

The 2019 awards season has been an inflection point for Netflix. Even though they lost out on the Oscar for Best Film, the fact that a widely respected arthouse film-maker recognized that it was the perfect platform to showcase his film means that they have finally achieved the credibility they have been seeking within the industry.