FutureBrand Paris rebrands Webhelp to foster its global development

01 October, 2019 Share socially

Webhelp is a French success story. Founded in 2000, it originally focused on delivering CRM services in France. Quickly, the company grew from a national challenger to a top European player through organic growth and acquisitions. Its portfolio now covers a broader range of customer experience and business solutions, including payment services, logistics & digital management, as well as app design.

At Webhelp we truly believe if you focus on the person in front of you, suddenly everything comes alive. This holds for each connection built between a brand and a consumer, but just as strongly between employer and employee, client and provider. Helping hard things become easy takes empathy and imagination”
Olivier Duha
Co-founding President, Webhelp

In order to reflect these significant achievements and prepare for its ambitions to grow to a global leadership position, Webhelp entrusted FutureBrand to revamp its brand and visual identity.

“We are proud that Webhelp entrusted us for this critical cornerstone in their strategic growth. It illustrates how connecting brand purpose and brand experience allows to achieve an ambitious transformation - both internally and externally - and to prepare for the future. Putting the purpose at the heart is what we truly believe in and we cannot wait to see the results of our work”
Jerome Lhermenier
Managing Director, FutureBrand France

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