Devices, spaces and people

21 October, 2019 Share socially

From smarter, greener commutes to static and dynamic urban space design and sewage-based monitoring of population health by region, district and even street, smart technology offers endless possibilities to improve the experience, attractiveness and efficiency of our nations, cities or indeed any place we spend time.

But how do space and place designers decide which technologies are right for an area? And just because they can do it, should they?

How can technology create better experiences for citizens and visitors but also be truly distinctive and scaleable in order to make cities, nations and places as memorable as the colosseum in Rome or the Eiffel tower in Paris? Both, after all, were technologies that defined their day.

We will share proprietary brand purpose and experience thinking to open this topic up. Using examples from far and wide, we look forward to helping delegates at this year’s conference truly understand what it might take to not just create enduring technology experiences but enduring city, nation and place experiences, facilitated by the right technology.

Join us at the City Nation Place Global Forum for our Breakfast Briefing on 7 November where we will be discussing this theme which emerged from our recent Country Index report.

Devices, spaces and people