2019 CES: Innovative tech & the power of brand

01 February, 2019 Share socially

FutureBrand clients Shure and Bell debuted their latest new products, generating buzz on Forbes, Verge, and CNET as they hit the marketplace. But innovative tech wasn't the only thing on display at CES: these clients were also case studies in the power of brand. Previously, Shure and Bell struggled to clearly express what set them apart from competitors. Our partnership with them harnessed their respective legacies to create new brands that reflect who they are today and where they’re headed in the years to come.

This is an incredibly important time in Bell’s history. We’re evolving a brand and a company that have been pioneers in aviation for over 80 years. We knew we couldn’t take this project for granted. We needed to be sure that we took the time and care to get it right. And that is what we found with FutureBrand as our partner. A perfect balance between creativity and strategy. The freedom to think inventively while asking the challenging questions. This helped create a powerful new brand: one that would lead our future, honor our past and reflect our current state. Our two teams came together – becoming an extension of one another – delivering a brand that will define Bell’s future of decades.
Bridget Hall
Director, Brand Engagement, Bell
2019 CES: Innovative tech & the power of brand

Shure’s new brand debuted at CES 2019 this year, followed by rollout across all brand touchpoints such as website, social media, advertising, and packaging, as well as internal applications like facilities and corporate communications.

“The new Shure brand captures the strength of our innovative spirit, and our passion for working alongside our customers to solve their challenges. The updated visual identity and tone of voice have also fostered bolder ideas among internal teams and partners. The FutureBrand team unearthed the core of what makes our company special, built a strategic framework around it, and then deployed it in a breakthrough brand identity. Throughout the process, they challenged us and pushed in new directions, ultimately driving to a brand expression that catapults us into the future while building on everything that has made us successful thus far.”
Neil Shah
Director of Global Marketing, Shure