Ragazzo repositions brand to reveal its irresistible side

09 April, 2018 Share socially

With the purpose of offering a differentiated experience to the customers and of preparing for a more consistent expansion, the Ragazzo restaurant chain, together with the branding agency FutureBrand São Paulo, has been working for more than a year to reposition itself. The project comprehends a new business model and brand strategy, in addition to redesigning its visual and verbal identities. Creating and directioning the concept of store architecture with the help of renowned architect Carlos Rossi is also part of the process and has resulted in a new brand experience, from restaurants to the on-the-go format.

Motivated by the wish of bringing the concept of eating well to everybody – in a democratic way, with delicious food, convenience and pleasure –, the new brand presents now a clearer positioning, which is essential to build a more coherent concept of experience: irresistible at any time.

Among the characteristics that built the new Ragazzo and will mark its new phase are: irresistible (expert in delicious food, that kind of food that we eat without thinking and about which we are always thinking); ‘chomp and hmmm’ (products that are always fresh, with a delicious combination of textures and flavors. The chomp of the crisp bite with the hmm of the soft filling that melts in the mouth); quick (it has the urban acceleration of the big cities; everything comes fast so that nobody keeps waiting); creative (imagination and boldness are part of the whole essence, be it in the menu, in the way of serving, in the special offers and in the Ragazzos themselves); and an upbeat personality (in the manner of seducing the audience not only with flavors, but also with a carefree and positive way of approaching life, offering delicious food at accessible prices).

The repositioning of the brand was based on an important strategic insight: having coxinha and pasta as its best-sellers and a menu that went much beyond Italian cuisine, Ragazzo needed to rethink its brand proposal. With a new positioning, the restaurant chain becomes an expert in ‘everything delicious’, as indicated by the tagline. Besides traditional dishes, other snacks are now protagonists as well.

The first restaurant of the chain that is entirely integrated to this new format and visual identity will reopen in São Paulo until mid-May. From that day on, new unities will be conceived already within the concept of the current positioning. In parallel, renovations in other 175 restaurant and kiosks will be carried out gradatively throughout Brazil.

“We needed to clarify the difference between what we believed and what the perception of Ragazzo that the customers really had. The new positioning made us understand that it was not necessary to be an Italian restaurant chain in order to be successful, but to do what we’ve always loved to do: to create and serve irresistible food”, explains Bruna Saraiva, Strategic Planning Director of Ragazzo.

Connected to the Brazilian consumer of the big cities – who is spontaneous, dynamic and creative –, the new positioning is reflected in all touchpoints of the brand. The tone of voice expresses lightness and good humor using superlatives, neologisms and repetitions that translate the irresistible flavors of the menu. ‘Coxinhastic flavors’ and ‘deliciously delicious novelties’ are examples of the new language.

Matching the tone of voice, the visual identity reinforces the sensorial atmosphere of the brand: the vibrant tones of the color palette contrast with the use of lighter and darker nuances. New textures express the crisp, soft and fresh food flavors from Ragazzo’s menu. The new logo, in an exclusive proprietary typography, expresses the enthusiasm and the adverturous, feel-good personality of the brand, in addition to bringing the iconic ‘R’ as the great symbol of the restaurant chain.

“More than an identity, it is a change in the mindset. We sought to unite the best of the brand – innovation, restlessness and an irresistible flavor – with the functional and emotional need of the consumers, such as practicality, indulgence and the desire to interact with a brand that can ‘upgrade’ their daily experience”, adds Daniel Alencar, co-owner and director of FutureBrand São Paulo.


OFFERING THE PLEASURE OF EATING WELL to everybody – We know by experience the challenges of a busy day to day life. The life of hard-working people, who struggle for a better life. It is for them that we work. We know how pleasant it is to taste something flavorsome, fresh and high quality. This is why we devote ourselves to offer Brazilians the food that they enjoy the most – always with the best ingredients, always with the greatest of cares, from the recipe to the preparation. We want to be in many places and to offer accessible prices so that there will always be a Ragazzo on the way of those who wish to eat well – they deserve it! – even when there isn’t much time or money. Every single day, we seek to transform this dream into reality.


Irresistible, quick, creative, and with that upbeat personality. Ragazzo is all this, uniting the CHOMP of the crisp bite with the HMMM of the soft filling that melts in the mouth. Food is always newly prepared. Is it freshly made with quality ingredients and a combination of textures and flavors.


Ragazzo offers delicious food, and to express all flavours its language has gained newly invented words, repetitions and creative constructions. The speech is fast, easy and sharp. The light every-day language and the Brazilian good humor appear in it to create empathy with customers and generate pleasant moments. There are expressions like: crispful; refreshful; creamous; coxinhastic; chocolatelly; delighting delights; deliciously delicious; delicious delights; flavorful flavors; flavorly flavors; flavorsome flavors. There is also space for stretched words, such as deliiiiiicious, goooood and creeeeamy.