Quod, the new credit bureau, hits the market

12 June, 2018 Share socially

Created by major Brazilian banks with the goal of positively driving the credit environment in Brazil, Quod arrives in the market – the first fintech database manager with a focus on Positive Ratings. The new brand was launched at CIAB Febraban 2018, the greatest technology event in the industry of financial services in Latin America, from June 12th to 14th.

Initially, Quod will operate in the assessment of credit risks, but it plans on expanding its scope to other services related to prevention and fraud, as well as data analysis for businesses and individuals. The operation will be highly reliant on big data and artificial intelligence tools.

“Quod is here to positively connect our financial institutions with their clients and consumers through high technology and data. Our value proposition is to enable businesses and aspirations. We are the new, we are the transformation, our focus is to leverage positive ratings in Brazil”, states Humberto Bocayuya, Head of Marketing at Quod.

Quod’s brand building project was carried out in partnership with branding agency FutureBrand São Paulo. During this nearly one-year process, the agency’s roles included: creating a brand name, positioning, visual identity, website and launch experience.

In terms of choosing a name, Partner Director of FutureBrand São Paulo, Cristina Penz, explains the following: “It really was a challenge because the company is going to be a game changer in the market and it couldn’t have a name that was similar to anything that already exists. Quod means ‘given that’, ‘since’, ‘because’, in Latin. That way, we emphasize that the company seeks reasons to improve the decision-making process.” The word ‘quod’ conveys the company as a connector, an enabler that is always working to ensure that the market’s key players – financial institutions, companies and consumers – relate better and better to one another.

The visual identity, which changes shapes and colors, depicts individuality and diversity – of goals, data, expectations, businesses and people.